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Parkit360° Power Dolly Benefits

Parkit360° power dollies pull and park almost any sized trailer with ease, allowing you to confidently navigate into even the tightest of spaces. Our battery-operated dolly is a dream to operate and is so compact that it can fit in the back of a Mini Cooper.

Here are just some of the great benefits you get when you purchase a high-quality Parkit360° power dolly.

Market Experience

Thanks to our 7+ years servicing the world market and over 13,000 happy customers, Parkit360 has gathered valuable feedback from our customers in real-world situations of all sorts. With this feedback and the attentive listening ear of our staff, Parkit360 has been able to perfect the trailer moving experience. 

Use Any 12 Volt Battery

Drop almost any 12-volt battery into the battery box or use our 80" cable adapter for trailers that have a battery supply on the trailer.  It will even work perfectly fine on an automotive booster pack.  

Ball Mounted Stablelock Technology

Parkit360°’s Stablelock technology lets you mount almost any trailer to your power dolly and quickly lock it into place safely and securely. This ball mount technology means that our power dollies are compatible with almost every trailer model right out of the box.

Essential freewheeling 

All Parkit360 trailer dollies come with the freewheel option included. This essential option is a must for any motorized trailer mover! The freewheel option enables you to disengage the Parkit360's transmission (like the neutral gear on a car). Without the freewheel option, you would be limited to your own strength while wrestling the trailer dolly to a specific trailer.

Super Compact Design

Parkit360° power dollies are designed to be compact while still packing a punch of strong and versatile pulling power. Take your Parkit360° anywhere you go for fast and easy parking of your boat or RV trailer. They come as light as 67 to 78 lbs for the Force models depending on what options are added. 110 lbs for the Transformer loaded 5th wheel trailer dolly.

Works on Almost Any Terrain

Park your trailer with ease on almost any terrain or gradient and maneuver tight corners like a pro. Parkit360° power dollies are specifically designed for a wide range of terrains and grades. They even have the option to upgrade to tailor your unit even more to your unique needs.

Manufactured With High-Quality Materials

Parkit360° power dollies are made using super durable, North American materials and assembled in-house by our expert staff. All power dollies are backed by our parts and labor warranty, so you can rest assured knowing your Parkit360° power dolly will always be there when you need it.

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