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Product Features

Easy Operation & Precise Parking

Using a Parkit360 trailer dolly couldn't be easier. Just switch the unit into Freewheel Mode (neutral) to wheel it to your trailer effortlessly. After engaging the motor and connecting the hitch, it's simply a matter of using the forward/reverse toggle switch to steer. The user faces the trailer while parking and can see where it is at all times—down to a fraction of an inch—something that's nearly impossible to accomplish with a vehicle. View All Models >

Ball Mounted Stablelock Technology

Parkit360 Force and Transformer dollies are ball-mounted using our quick, safe and secure Stablelock technology, making them compatible with almost every trailer right out of the box. For other hitch types, we offer a wide range of adapters to accommodate everything from large Fifth Wheel and Gooseneck trailers to small Pintle Hitches. For unique trailer frames and step down hitches, we also offer our Telescopic Adapter and Thrust Washer.

Installing Parkit360 Motor

Eco-Friendly Power

Our trailer dollies are powered by industrial-grade Electric Motors for fume-free parking. Use our 80" Cable to connect to your trailer's battery supply, or choose a trailer dolly model with an on-board U1 12 volt Sealed Battery.

Force ISC Trailer Dolly in the trunk of a sedan

Compact & Portable

Our compact design allows for easy handling and storage. With a starting weight of just under 80 lbs, the Force 5k and Force 10k models are about the same size as a lawnmower. They're small enough to fit into a camper's storage compartment or the trunk of a small sedan.

Parkit360 Force ISC 10k B3

Works on Almost Any Terrain

With planetary gearing, all Force and Transformer models include our standard 6.5" tires, which provide plenty of traction on a wide range of surfaces like firm grass, packed gravel, and asphalt, up to a 6% incline.

Ken Welding in the Shop

Expertly Crafted in North America

All Parkit360 trailer dollies are made with durable, high-quality, imported and domestic parts, and are assembled in North America by our expert staff. Backed by our 2 Year Parts & Repair Warranty, you can rest assured knowing your Parkit360 power dolly will always be there when you need it.