What is the status of my order?

Unfortunatly our shipping company is not integrated into the website but the fastest way to get a hold of your order status would be to use the live chat on the website. 

What battery does your trailer dolly run off of?

All of our trailer dollies will run off of a 12V 24 group deep cycle battery. 

Where can I find the Owners manual?

All of our manuals are online to save paper, here are the links:
Force Model Manual
Transformer Manual

Do you have a product to move Gooseneck Trailers?

Yes, we do have a goose neck adapter for our units. They are a custom order part that you will need to give us dimensions for. You can call our toll-free number or message us if you have questions. 
Phone Number: 1888 926 5517 ext 1

What should I have my tire pressure at on my Parkit360?

Your tire pressure on your Parkit360 should be 40 PSI in all of our tires options. 

What are the models P360 S, P360 M, P360 L, and P360 XL?

If you have P360 s,m,l, or xl you have a unit that is a few years old. Our units have been upgraded and improved since these units. We have changed the electronics system in the unit to be more reliable and long-lasting. We can now offer an automatic braking system that will control your trailer's brakes without a toggle switch. Also a much more ergonomic rocker control switch for the units forward and reverse control.

Here is a weight capacity break down:

P360 S - 2500 lbs
P360 M - 4500 lbs
P360 L - 9800 lbs
P360 XL - 12,000 lbs