The Parkit360° Quality Promise

At Parkit360° we have a lot of confidence in the quality and durability of our power dollies and accessories. Our units are made from top-quality North American material and assembled in our Carleton Place Ontario workshop by high-trained professionals. That means that when your Parkit360° arrives at your door, you know that you’re getting a high-quality, long last power dolly that will always be there when you need it most.

To stand behind this high-quality guarantee, Parkit360° offers a 2-year parts and labour warranty on every power dolly we sell.

Warranty Conditions

Parkit360° warrants that each of its new P360° products will be free from material defects in workmanship and will perform substantially in conformance with their specifications for 2 from the date of shipment to the customers (the “Warranty Period”). The Warranty Period for a repaired or replaced product is three (3) months and will expire on either the expiration of three (3) months or the expiration of the original warranty for the P360° product, whichever is later. This warranty is given in favor for the customer.

Parkit360° reserves the right to refund the purchase price of any P360° product as its exclusive warranty remedy (less shopping, handling and re-stocking fees).

Warranty Claims

If a P360° product fails to perform during the Warranty Period, customer must notify Parkit360° in writing with full details of the defect or fault encountered with the P360° product. Parkit360° will provide technical assistance to the customer to see if the issue can be resolved remotely. If the issue appears to be caused by defective parts, Parkit360° will arrange to provide replacement parts. Replacement parts will be provided by Parkit360° free of charge within the first 30 days of receiving the Parkit360° product. After 31 days the customer will be responsible for shipping and handling charges. This will enable the customer to repair any issues encountered with P360° products during the Warranty Period. Parkit360° will ground ship the replacement parts to the customer or dealer. Provision of replacement parts constitutes full satisfaction of any warranty claim. At any time Parkit360° may reserve the right to request damaged parts to be shipped back to the manufacture for further inspection. If the customer fails to send back the damaged part in a timely manner (30 days after receiving the replacement part) they could be faced with a core charge.

Void Warranty

Parkit360° will have no liability or obligation to provide replacement parts for free or honour support obligation if:

  • The P360° product is not properly used or maintained;
  • The P360° product is operated under abnormal operating conditions (e.g. exceeding load capacity for that particular model);
  • The P360° product is improperly used or used for purposes for which it is not intended (e.g. modified to lift/tug 5th wheel trailers); or
  • The Warranty Period for the faulty P360° product is over.

Out of Warranty/Voided Warranty Assistance

Parkit360° may offer at its discretion out-of-warranty product support and/or support and replacement parts for products that the warrant does not cover. Please contact Parkit360° by email for further information on these services, including replacement part costs that may be available to the customer and dealers at a discount from the list price.