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Parkit360 has been producing quality trailer dollies since 2009.

Our Force and Transformer dollies are ball-mounted using our quick, safe and secure Stablelock technology, making them compatible with almost every trailer right out of the box.

Our compact, lightweight, design allows them to easily fit into a campers storage compartment or in the trunk of a small sedan.

Made with durable, high-quality North American materials and backed by our 2 Year Warranty, you can rest assured knowing your Parkit360° power dolly will always be there when you need it.


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Which Dolly is Right for Me?

Our Dollies pull and park almost any Trailer with ease and perform well on a wide variety of terrains.

There are many factors that go into choosing the perfect dolly, including:

   •  Trailer's Gross Weight

   •  Hitch Type (Ball Mount, Kingpin, Gooseneck, etc.)

   •  Terrain (Grass, Gravel, Asphalt, Grade)

   •  Power Source


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I have the one rated at 10,000 lbs, it works great for me. I use it to move my 27 foot 7,500 lb Speed Boat into my workshop. The building is 24' X 42' with a overhead door on the front face on the right side. I back the boat in and make a 90 degree turn to the left. It's almost impossible to do with my truck.

The Parkit360 is well worth the money. I will also say the folks at Parkit360 are the best, they helped me purchase just the right dolly for my situation. I did a lot of research and looked at a lot of other dollies, and some were just cost prohibitive. Parkit360 looked like it would meet all my needs, the quality is great and they offered affordable Accessories and Repair Parts.

I used it all summer taking the boat out of the garage and back in, maybe 15 - 20 times and it works perfectly. I would recommend this Dolly anyone. I love it, best Dolly I ever had!

Brad Pribbernow | 30/11/2017

I have a Airstream Classic travel trailer: 30 feet long, 9.5 feet wide and 9500 lbs when fully loaded. My garage door is 12 feet wide - a parking challenge particularly with the ProPride (Hensley-like) anti-sway hitch that is installed.

After numerous helpful discussions with Parkit360’s Stefan Houle and Jim Deraff, I purchased the Force 10K model with the Smart Brake Controller. The usual Force 10K Ball Mount connection did not work for me at first, given that the ProPride hitch does not have the typical ball mount coupler.

This is when Jim Deraff’s advice proved critical. Jim and I collaborated on a customized strategy whereby I would have a special steel piece fabricated that would combine: a strong 2” steel rod that uses the Force 10K’s 2” Ball Mount receiver; and a ProPride hitch Stinger.

Bottom line: The custom fabricated steel piece works very well with the Force 10K! Thanks to Jim Deraff, I can now "thread the needle" and confidently park my coach - home and away - without frustration.

Dennis | 31/05/2016

My name is Dave DeLuca. I am a disabled Vietnam vet. I have fished all my life and have always owned aluminium boats that I could move easily given my limitations.

I have a 19 foot Ranger Bass Boat with dual axles that I just cannot “man handle” into place. I called Jim and he recommended the Force 5k B2 Dolly. We talked for over 15 minutes. I pondered for a couple of weeks, then made the purchase. Once it arrived, I had some issues getting the Hitch Ball to lock up to the trailer because of the trailers square hitch.

I called Technical Support and spoke with Jim. He told me what to do and also sent me a video, which I watched while we were on the phone. Everything now works perfectly, and I’m moving the boat and trailer with ease!

Don't let the $$$ keep you from buying a Parkit360 Trailer Dolly!

Dave DeLuca | 14/07/2017

This dolly is great! I Moved my 36' Fifth Wheel with the Transformer 15k today. It was fantastic and very easy to use. Plenty of power. We haven't used our RV as much as we'd like because it is very stressful getting it back in our shop. No problem with this dolly.

Very glad I found this, it will make life a lot easier!

Bill McKee | 05/05/2019

After using my Parkit360 Force 5k several times now I am convinced it was a very good investment. Even though I am moving a boat with total weight including engine, gear and trailer with a weight of some 1,500 lbs I am impressed with the ability to move it so freely.

I store the boat and trailer some 600 yds from the house on a sloping lot and the space or carport I have for it is only wide enough for the boat and perhaps two feet on either side.

Before buying the Parkit it was an absolute struggle to get the boat back in its place after going fishing. I was not able to do that if the ground was wet or after a rain even though I have a gravel path leading up to the carport. The Parkit has no trouble parking it exactly where I want it with no loss of sweat. Now I am able to take the boat out even if it rain the day before.

In the past,  I always regretted coming back from a fishing trip because that was when the work began in trying to park the boat including removing the engine and gear to try and reduce the weight or load. Even with a hand dolly then it was almost impossible and the loss of a couple thousand calories in the struggle. The Parkit360 has solved that problem.

Bob | 06/09/2016