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Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier 13KMax. 13,000 lbs Gross / 1,300 lbs Tongue 13K
Adapters Included Drop & Go
Maximum Weight Capacity 13,000 lbs GVWR 1,300 lbs Tongue
Hitch Balls 2" & 2 5/16"
Battery Group 29 Interstate® Battery(110Ah)
Wireless Controller
Battery Charger
Smart Brake Controller
Semi-pneumatic Tires
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly
Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly Carrier Trailer Dolly

Carrier Trailer Dolly

Weight Capacity: 13 000 lbs Gross. 1300 lbs Tongue

Carrier 13K

Max Capacity: 13,000 lbs GVWR
Tongue Weight: 1,300 lbs

Drop & Go Adapter

  • 2 Hitch Balls: 2” and 2 5/16”
  • Adjustable Height: 18", 20", 24"

Group 29 110Ah Battery
Semi-pneumatic tires
Overload Protection
Built-In Battery Charger
Smart Brake Controller

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$5,500 USD

  • Please allow 3-4 weeks to deliver. See Backorders page for details.


    Drop your coupler onto this powerful, low-profile mover and start parking in seconds. Move up to 13,000 lbs with precision and ease using the Wireless Controller. See Instruction Manual for details.

    Comes with two standard hitch ball sizes: 2” and 2 5/16”. No tightening required – just latch your trailer on the hitch ball.

    With semi-pneumatic tires and sealed bearings, this trailer dolly requires very little maintenance to keep it in peak shape.

    See your trailer from every angle and park without the backup mirrors. Easily move within inches of obstacles with better ground-level visibility than your tow vehicle.

    Everything comes pre-connected and ready to operate. Just choose your desired ball mount height and set the adapter into the Receiver Tube.

    Measuring only 15" at its highest point, the Carrier's frame can easily fit underneath many trailers. Turn on a dime with ample clearance for a smooth, stress-free parking experience.


    Intelligent Speed Control™ (ISC)

    Switch between High and Low speed any time for fast or more precise parking. Motor starts and stops gradually to prevent damage to your trailer from sudden stopping. Switch modes with the Wireless Controller!

    WIRELESS CONTROLLER: See exactly where the Trailer is at all times and steer within inches of any obstacle.

    6 WHEELS: Provide plenty of traction on firm grass, packed gravel, asphalt, and on a maximum grade of 4%. Conquer uneven surfaces easily with our staggered wheel design.

    TWO 1.7 HP MOTORS: Custom 1.7 Hp Bosch Motor for the Ultimate Power and Performance.

    CIRCUIT BREAKERS: Protects Motor and Smart Brake from power surges.

    OVERLOAD PROTECTION: Protects the electronics from high power draw. Maintains battery and brake connection while shutting down control board and motors.

    BATTERY INCLUDED: Pre-installed Interstate® Group 29 110Ah battery. Arrives fully charged and ready to move.

    BATTERY CHARGER: Battery tender. Activates when the dolly is plugged into a wall socket. Stops charging automatically when full.

    SMART BRAKE: 7-way power plug that controls the trailer’s electric or surge brakes.


    Product Weight: 435 lbs

    Product Dimensions: 46” x 43” x 15”

    Tire Dimensions: 12” diameter

  • Which trailer dolly is right for me?

    To choose the best parking solution for your trailer, you'll need to know:

    • Your trailer's gross weight (GVWR) and tongue weight
    • Your trailer's coupler style, including its height from the ground
    • The types of terrain you'll be moving on (including grade %)
    • If you'd prefer manual, electric or wireless operation

    Compare these details to our trailer dollies and accessories, or contact us.

  • Delivery Timelines

    Provided that stock is available, our products are usually delivered according to the following timelines:

    Mainland USA
    Force 5K & 10K – 1-3 business days (Current lead time: 1-2 weeks)
    Transformer 15K – 3-7 business days
    Carrier 13K – 3-7 business days (Current lead time: 3-4 weeks)
    Scout 3K – 3-7 business days (Current lead time: 6-8 weeks)

    Canada (depending on location)
    Force 5K & 10K – 1-6 business days (Current lead time: 1-2 weeks)
    Transformer 15K – 3-10 business days
    Carrier 13K – 3-10 business days (Current lead time: 3-4 weeks)
    Scout 3K – 3-10 business days (Current lead time: 6-8 weeks)

    For open box dollies and parts, please allow 5-10 business days for delivery, regardless of your location.

    Delivery timelines are subject to change depending on severe weather or stock shortages.

    Force models ship the same day, as long as they are ordered before 5 p.m. EST.

    All Trailer Dollies will require a signature upon delivery. If you would like to waive this requirement, leave us a note at checkout.

    Note: We cannot ship Trailer Dollies to PO Box addresses.


    Shipping Internationally?

    We'd love to hear from you! Please Contact Us with your order and delivery details and we'll send you a shipping quote.

    Free shipping applies to all orders over $600 that are shipped within the mainland USA and Canada.

    Extra shipping costs will apply to the following locations:

    • Hawaii
    • Alaska
    • Vancouver Island, BC
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • P.E.I.
    • Yukon and Northwest Territories


    See our FAQ for more information.

  • Your Trailer Dolly is covered by our 2 Year Parts & Repair Warranty! If your Trailer Dolly fails to perform within this time frame, we will work with you to fix the issue and provide replacement parts. Each 12V U1 Battery is covered separately by a 1 Year Interstate® Battery Warranty. Find a Interstate® Service Location near you.

    (Warranties start from your initial date of purchase.)

  • Does each trailer dolly come with everything I need?

    Yes! Each trailer dolly includes a hitch adapter that's compatible with most ball mount trailer couplers. See the TransformerCarrier or Accessories page for additional connections. All electric models include batteries, charging cables, hardware and built-in safety features so you can park with confidence.

    What is the difference between gross weight and dry weight?

    GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) includes the capacity of your trailer (how much you can put in it, including passengers). This is different from the dry weight, or unloaded vehicle weight (UVW), which is the weight of your trailer when empty.

    What is trailer tongue weight? Why does it matter?

    Tongue weight is the downward force that the trailer tongue applies to the hitch when connected to the trailer dolly. Using your Parkit360 for a trailer with too much or too little tongue weight could make moving and steering difficult, or cause issues with traction. We recommend that your tongue weight be 10% of your trailer's gross weight (GVWR), although this may vary for smaller trailers.

  • If you are not completely satisfied with your Trailer Dolly, customers in the Mainland US and Canada can return their unit up to 30 days after receiving their dolly for a refund, minus a flat return shipping cost and restocking fee.

    Parts Only and International Trailer Dolly orders are not eligible for return.

    Read our Full Return Policy