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Modern Parking Solutions for Your Retro Airstream Trailer

Posted by Erin Allison on

Modern Parking Solutions for Your Retro Airstream Trailer

Airstream trailers are well known and loved because of their distinctive retro designs. They remind us of simpler times and a simple way of life: camping adventures and family road trips without the distractions of technology.

But “retro” doesn’t always mean “simple.” Sometimes there’s room to improve upon the old way of doing things. (After all, if the Airstream was the pinnacle of camping trailers, then they would never have changed the designs. Even now, they are looking for ways to make your travel experiences better than before.)

Take parking, for example. Airstreams are great for towing, but they can be somewhat challenging to park – especially in tight spots. You can try to do it the old-fashioned way, but you’ll find that an electric trailer dolly is a much simpler option. Parkit360’s electric trailer dollies are designed to make this process easier, providing Airstream owners with a convenient and efficient way to park. All you have to do is hook up the hitch, turn it on, and guide your trailer into the perfect camping spot (or parking spot). Now where was that in the “good old days”?

How to hook up an electric trailer dolly to your Airstream

Electric trailer dollies are designed to be compatible with the majority of common hitch types and will work well for any Airstream model. Most dollies (including our Force and Transformer models) will come with the appropriate 2 5/16” hitch ball and 20” high ball mount. Once connected, the dolly will provide smooth and stable control, while allowing you to see exactly how to maneuver the Airstream.

For the Bambi and Caravel models, you’ll need a maximum towing capacity of 5,000 lbs. For the larger models (Flying Cloud, International, Globetrotter, and Classic), a 10,000 lbs capacity is best. Parkit360’s Force 5K and 10K are just what you would need.

As an added bonus, Parkit360 dollies come standard with an electric brake controller. Simply plug your 7-way connector straight into the unit, and it will operate your trailer’s brakes, making it easy to move on any terrain, even with an incline.

What’s the best trailer dolly for an Airstream?

We might be a little biased, but we believe that Parkit360 trailer dollies are the ideal product for parking an Airstream. Our dollies operate best with a good weight distribution between the tongue and rest of the trailer (lots of tongue weight for traction, but not so much so that it’s hard to turn the dolly), and Airstreams are just that. You can read some of our customer reviews – including some from Airstream owners – by clicking here!

The truth is, we’re more than a little biased; we love Airstreams! And Airstreams love us.

Thanks to Jill @serendipitoustravels for these awesome photos of her Airstream, lovingly named Veronica!

Parkit360's Electric Trailer Dollies are a must-have for any Airstream trailer owner. They make parking a breeze, whether in the driveway, a crowded campground, or in the great outdoors. If you love the simple lifestyle that an Airstream provides, then you’ll want a simple parking solution as well. Parkit360 is the perfect modern parking solution for your retro trailer.

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