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Load & Lock: The Best Trailer Locks

Posted by Steve Houle on

Load & Lock: The Best Trailer Locks

You should never take the security of your RV for granted.

Even if you think your lock is completely secure, dozens of YouTube videos exist to prove you wrong, showing that even the most complex locks can be picked with mere plastic straws and pencils.

RVs can be susceptible to break-ins, as they have many entry points aside from the main door, like windows and sunroofs. 

To make matters more serious, the older your trailer is, the easier it may be to gain access to it because manufacturers use the same locks and keys for many different models. This means there’s a chance that a person with one of these keys could open your doors without much hassle. 

RV theft is the last thing any camper wants to deal with during the middle of a well earned vacation. And, even with comprehensive insurance, a replacement vehicle sometimes just isn’t the same. That’s why it might be time to up your protection levels and renew the security system on your doors and the RVs hitch. 

However, it’s hard to determine which is the best product out there to make sure your RV and its contents are safe. Here’s a list of the best locks on the market.

What makes an RV lock effective?

While this may sound alarming, the truth is no security system is 100% foolproof. With enough expertise and time on their hands, anyone could open most locks on the market. However, the right product makes it so that anyone who may want to break into or tow your RV away thinks twice before acting.

The most important features to look for in a security lock are: 
  • Size, so it fits your trailer correctly.
  • Color, which is essential not only for aesthetics but to call less attention to the lock.
  • The model, as there are many lock variations, some safer than others.
  • The brand. Like with any other product, the brand makes a difference in terms of its quality.

    The best locks for RVs

    Coupler locks

    Proven Industries Model 2516

    This model is covered with stainless steel and designed to deter the use of prying bars, a common method to break into these locks. It incorporates a lockpicking resistant puck lock that can be upgraded from aluminum to stainless steel. While this model would deter most robbers, it does come at a high price tag.

    AmpLock BRP 2

    This model boasts a million key combinations, meaning it’s highly unlikely for anyone to have an exact copy of your coupler lock. Aside from that, the lock is resistant to drills, another method commonly used by criminals to break even the most complex locks. It partially covers most of the coupler assembly in a way that protects it from prying bars but leaves a part of the structure exposed, which could be a security hazard.

    Ft. Knox Coupler Lock

    There are many ways to tow a trailer, but goosenecks and bumper trailers tend to be the most popular options. This lock is perfect for a gooseneck trailer as it covers the entire assembly coupled with a heavy-duty puck lock. It’s quite heavy to manipulate given its dimensions, but this would also deter anyone looking to pry it open. 

    Door locks/puck locks

    The War-Lok

    To deter anyone from simply drilling into your lock, it’s important to look for hardened steel locks like this one. Note that this is not a drill proof model, but it would take a considerable amount of time and effort for anyone to even try. The locking mechanism itself is composed of a nine-disc core, and anyone looking to lock pick it would need a specialized tool to do so.

    Proven Industries Puck Lock Model 400-SS

    This lock has gone over significant model design changes to make it drill proof, including a hardened steel cover perfect for withstanding brute force attacks. The whole locking mechanism now faces away from the front, meaning that even if a dedicated enough criminal drills it, they wouldn’t be able to access it. 

    Padlock locksmith series 

    This series of locks and cases are mainly used for heavy-duty machines like construction trucks, and for good reason. They cover most of the assembly while being extremely effective against force attacks. The only downside is that they may not fit every single model.

    Extra security tips

    RVs are incredibly easy to break into, from windows to faulty locks. Beyond using a good quality lock, common sense will always prevail, and it’s essential to constantly be aware of many other factors outside the equipment you use. Here’s a list of extra precautions you should take to keep your trailer secure:

    • Always cover the windows
    • Be smart about where you park
    • Park tongue-first using an electric trailer dolly
    • Keep valuables out of sight
    • Camp around other people
    • Get a motion sensor light
    • Get a safe to store your valuables

    Security is an important part of your outdoor trips, but the better the products and precautions you have are, the more you can focus on enjoying your adventures on the road.

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