Smart Automatic Electric Brake Controller / Surge Brake Lockout

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Automatically operates your trailer's Electric or Surge brakes when the Trailer’s 7-Way Power Harness is plugged into the Parkit360, allowing for safe parking experiences on slight inclines.

Electric Brakes (RV Trailers):
The controller will engage the trailer's brakes when the unit is powered ON and not in motion. The brakes will release when the directional toggle switch is pushed.

Surge Brakes (Boat Trailers):
The controller will release the trailer's brakes as soon as the plug is connected to the unit. This controller acts as a lockout to ensure the brakes don't lock up during parking.

See the video below to learn more about Surge Brakes:

Please note that the Smart Brake Controller accessory is already built-in to the following Models:

  • Force 5k/10k - B2 & B3
  • Transformer 15k - All Models


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* This part is non-refundable. Meant to be a replacement or add-on for the Force 5k/10k B Units.