Transformer easily will handle 5th wheel, Goose Neck and Tag along trailers. 

TRANSFORMER, is packed full with innovation and amazing features:

  • Driven by 2 Huge 1.5 Motors
    An All American Bosh Designed motors with the amazing power of a planetary gear system.
  • Smart Brake Control System (SBCS)
    Connect your trailer's 7-way power harness to Transformer and your trailer's brakes come on as soon as you power up the dolly. The brakes release as soon as the motors power up, allowing for an amazingly safe experience when on a large grade. 
  • On-Board Battery Charger & Battery Box
    Maintaining your 12volt deep cycle battery has never been so simple with our integrated charging system. Simply plug it in and the automatic charger will trickle charge and tender your battery.
  • Wireless Remote Control
    Perhaps one of the most remarkable option Transformer has to offer is the wireless controller. With a touch of a joystick you can very easily move your large 5th wheel trailer with the greatest of ease! Just imagine having a true 360 degree look around your 5th wheel trailer as you move it into position.

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