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July 14 2017
Dave DeLuca
St. Albans, WV

My name is Dave DeLuca. I am a disables Vietnam vet. I have fished all of my life and always had aluminium boats which I could move with my limitations. I was contemplating a 19 foot Ranger bass boat with dual axles. Went to my local dealer and tried to "man handle" a boat and trailer. I just could not do it. I called Jim and we talked for over 15 minutes. I pondered for a couple of weeks if the $$$ spent for the 5 Force B2 would be worth it. Called Jim back and made the purchase. The Ranger boat trailer has a different style hitch then most. It is square. I was having some issues getting "B2" ball to lock up to the trailer. Called Jim, he explained to me what to do and also sent me a video, which I watched while we were on the phone. Everything now works perfectly. Moving the boat and trailer with ease. Don't let the $$$$ keep you from buying a Parkit 360 mover.
5 STAR----Equipment
5 STAR----Terminal Support

Dave DeLuca
St. Albans, WV

February 24 2017
Ron A Reister 

Your product exceeded my expectations! Received the unit yesterday. Had it assembled and working within a 1/2 hour. It moved my 4,800 pound food trailer with ease. Congratulations on a job well done!

January 24 2017

I just want to say I love my parkit360, you guys made a great product especially for someone like me that had back surgery and can not lift any type of trailer anymore. I just want to thank you guys very very much.

October 20 2016
Thomas Chaput

I'm pretty good at backing a trailer but I need to park a 29' trailer 2" from a fence on a pad that is 36' long 8 1/2' wide with the garage at one end and a tree on the other. The parkit 360 allows me to park our camper on our property and not pay storage fees.


September 6 2016

Harwood, MD

After using my Force Parkit360 several times now I am convinced it was a very good investment. Even though I am moving a boat with total weight including engine, gear and trailer with a weight of some 1500lb I am impressed with the ability to move it so freely. I store the boat and trailer some 600 yds from the house on a sloping lot and the space or carport I have for it is only wide enough for the boat and perhaps two feet on either side. Before buying the Parkit it was an absolute struggle to get the boat back in its place after going fishing. I was not able to do that if the ground was wet or after a rain even though I have a gravel path leading up to the carport. The Parkit has no trouble parking it exactly where I want it with no loss of sweat. Now I am able to take the boat out even if it rain the day before. Before I always regretted coming back from a fishing trip because that was when the work began in trying to park the boat including removing the engine and gear to try and reduce the weight or load. Even with a hand dolly then it was almost impossible and the loss of a couple thousand calories in the struggle. The Parkit360 has solved that problem. Thanks to seeing the article in the Goodsam club magazine which is where I saw the ad for the dolly.


May 31 2016

Houston, Texas

I have a Airstream Classic travel trailer: 30 feet long, 9.5 feet wide and 9500 lbs when fully loaded.  My parking garage’s door is 12 feet wide - a parking challenge particularly with the ProPride (Hensley-like) anti-sway hitch that is installed.
After numerous helpful discussions with Parkit360’s Stefan Houle and Jim Deraff, I purchased the Force 10K model with the Smart Brake Controller.  The usual Force 10K ball mount connection did not work for me given that the ProPride hitch does not have the typical ball mount coupler to connect the Force 10K’s ball mount to.  This is when Jim Deraff’s advice proved critical.  Jim and I collaborated on a customized strategy whereby I would have a special steel piece fabricated that would combine: a) a strong 2” steel rod that uses the Force 10K’s 2” ball mount receiver; and b) a ProPride hitch ’stinger’.
Bottom line:  The custom fabricated steel piece works very well with the Force 10K! Thanks to Jim Deraff,  I can now confidently ‘tread the needle’ and confidently park my coach - home and away - without frustration. 


Nov 5 2015

Bruce Wedeking

 I looked at the Transformer for over a year. I kept chocking on the price. My driveway is too narrow & steep to back up and once at the top of my driveway there isn't enough room to turn around the 5th wheel when connected to the truck. I modified a Power Caster but is was a major ordeal to use. Each time I went camping it was a real pain to connect the Power Caster and turn the trailer around. I was almost at the point of considering putting the 5th wheel in a storage yard! But having your trailer stored next to your home, for easy load and unloading, is really priceless. I finally caved in and purchased the Transformer. What a weight lifted off my shoulders!! No butterflies in the stomach every time I come home from a camping trip. The Transformer is a breeze to use. Easily spins my 31ft 5th wheel Toy Hauler around on a dime and pushes it back next to my garage. I have had it for 2 years now it is has never failed me. I now come home from a trip with a smile on my face. I get out the Transformer and the hand held remote and it is parked in a few minutes. Thanks Parkit 360


July 30 2013

Daniel Farrell
Leawood KS

 I just had to tell you my experience with the Parkit 360. Just arrived today. Unpack and put together in minutes, already had purchased a battery for it.

My difficulty has always been getting my boat out of the garage. I have no more then one centimeter of clearance on either side of the wheels coming out of the threshold of the garage door. Always had difficulty getting to boat out of the garage and most of the time backing it into the garage was stressful and time consuming. I just have to say I lead the boat out of the garage and back into the garage with ease and pleasure tonight. I've tried using other methods on the market to save a little money and what a mistake. Sent back all other devices because they failed miserably. I just have to say "What cool little machine you guys made." Just greatly improved my boating experiences.

Daniel Farrell


June 2011

Ken Roof
United States

Hi Steve,

I know it has been awhile since you sent us the ParkIt, but I wanted you to know that we really appreciate the great service! Even more, we appreciate the fantastic flexibility we have when moving our 22' Jayco trailer. We could never maneuver that trailer next to our garage without it! It took some getting used to, and learning what to lubricate, but I do not travel without it. Should we ever need to move the trailer into a tight space, the ParkIt is the way to go! Thank you again for such a wonderful, innovative, and affordable product!

Thank you again!,



January 2011

Dominick Annino

 Ya know Steve some things in life you have an expectation of results and most of the time things built to create resolutions are just ok. But there is nothing else out there so you reside to mediocrity. Your park it 360 wildly exceeded our expectations! Thank you for being bold enough to really change our experience.


December 2010

Dave Coochas
Cambridge, MA

 I finally decided to try one of the motorized trailer dollies so that I could move my trailer around my property with the car in it. While I had been leaning toward the Powermover, I ended up buying a ParkIt360 L model. This is their highest load dolly and can move up to 9800 lbs. The mover is powered by a typical marine 12V battery. I opted to have a battery charger built in to the unit so I can just leave it plugged in when not in use. I also opted for the larger motor.


November 2010

New Zealand

 Hi Steve and Ana,

 Well thanks for the parkit360 unit which is now operational. I have appreciated your service and full detailed information and delivery. Kind Regards.


David Bangston
Santa Ana, California

 I just wanted to let you know how much I love my ParkIt360 unit. As you can see from my photo that I have trees and a fence on one side of my driveway and a roof overhang on the other. There's about 2 inches of clearance on either side. I couldn't get my trailer in with my truck because I didn't have the control I needed. With my problem. My neighbor was impressed. He thought he would be looking at my trailer all year long, but with your great product I proved him wrong. You and your staff were very helpful before and after the sale.

Thanks, again!


October 2010


 Hi Steve,

 We have the Saratoga which is a little lighter GVWR of 3500 lbs. (it actually weighed in closer to 4000 lbs with all options except AC and the few camping items that we store in it). We have a long driveway with a dog leg right into the garage. I used the same dolly as THREE BEACH BOYS to move it around in front of the garage but because of the way the grading is for drainage when I have to tug on it on the upslope it gets kinda tough. DW used to help by pushing while I tugged but her bad back now prevents her from doing so. I got tired of muscling it around so I bought the Parkit360 ( and just love it. No more digging my heels in to get the pup moving.


J Gordon
Oregon USA


 The Parkit360 worked just like it should have. My Coleman Tent Trailer (19 ft. and 3,500 lbs.) is now parked beside the house in a very narrow space with almost no space left…and the gas meter is still in one piece.


April 2011

Neil Young
United States

 Hi Steve,

I received my Parkit360 on Thursday, just in time to avert a difficult situation. It worked great” Thanks for expediting my order.

Best regards,


March 2011

Ted & Debby
MD, United States

 Just letting you know we recieved the trailer mover P360L today. We put it together and you have made a great machine! Everything works good and when the snow finally melts this spring I will try it out. It will sure come in handy moving our trailer in tight spaces.

Thanks again Ted & Debby!


December 2010

Ron Schodt
Phoenix, AZ

 The 360 works really great and has made Parking really SIMPLE , EASY AND SAFE. MY WIFE REALLY LOVES IT, IAM THE SPOTTER AND SHE RUNS THE 360. THANKS!


November 2010

Tracker Marine Group
Lebanon, Missouri

 Hi Steve,

 Thanks for the quick delivery. We received the Parkit360 and we are now using it in a commercial setting moving boats and other trailers around. We find it a great help not having to hook up a towing vehicle every time we need to move a trailer a short distance.


Ontario Canada


 The connection to the trailer video's were very helpful. Thanks! I've been using my Parkit360L since the beginning of June this summer. We just bought a larger travel trailer and it was impossible to get it into the same parking spot using the tow vehicle. We have been camping almost every weekend and use the dolly to take the trailer out and put it back into the spot every time... maybe used it 24 times in total. The Parkit enabled me to keep my trailer in my own yard and not pay for storage. I am very happy with it. Thanks again.


September 2010

Quebec, Canada

 Hi Steve,

 I bought a unit a couple of weeks ago and I just tried it and it worked like a charm.


Graham Adams


Here is a video of our caravan (travel trailer) in our back yard . Steve Only for this magic Parkit 360 this could never have been placed there where it is let alone moving it to be able to couple the vehicle along the side of the house. It is a wonderful machine.


Aaron Burns

I received and setup my Force unit yesterday. One word = quality. Great product, worked as needed and exceeded my expectations of craftsmanship.