Parkit360 On-Board Battery Charger

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Ensure that your Unit is always ready to go with our On-Board Battery Charger.

This is a Battery Charger Upgrade for the Force 5k/10k B Models.

Leave your Unit plugged in all year round without overcharging the battery. This weatherproof charger will tender the battery when needed and is compatible with any AC Wall Outlet between 110V to 240V.

Please note that this charger is already built-in to the following Models:

  • Force 5k/10k - B2 & B3
  • Transformer 15k - All Models


Toll-Free: 1-888-926-5517 x 4

* This part is non-refundable. Meant to be a replacement or add-on for the Force 5k/10k B Units.

* Ensure the unit is kept level to prevent battery acid overflow while charging.