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Meet The New Lineup

Posted by Steve Houle on

Meet The New Lineup

Meet The New Lineup

Parkit360’s Force Lineup of Electric Trailer Dollies just got better.

Check out the stars of the new Force Lineup:


Force Base


Coming in at just $1,800 this dolly is powered by your own on-board battery. Try mounting a Group 24 12V Battery and Battery Box to the dolly, or connect to your Trailer’s battery with the optional 80” Cable (sold separately). This model moves up to 5,000lbs GVWR and 900lbs on the tongue. View in store


Force 5K

For an extra $200, the Force 5K Electric Trailer Dolly gets you the same muscle (5,000lb GVWR/900lb Tongue weight) as the Base, but with a U1 Battery Kit! This upgraded model includes a built-in battery charger, and a Smart Brake Controller that operates the brakes on your trailer for safety on slopes! View in store


Force 10K

⭐ Best Seller ⭐

The Force 10K Electric Trailer Dolly packs a serious punch in a small package. Move up to 10,000lbs GVWR and 900lbs of Tongue Weight, with a dolly you can pack in the trunk of your car! With included brake controller, battery kit, and battery charger, this is your fully-loaded, ready-to-go parking wizard. View in store


The Force models are Parkit360’s longest running line of trailer dollies helping thousands of people save the parking headaches and one-shot their trailers into those tight spots.

Some have even deemed them “marriage-savers”, so a new trailer dolly could be the reason you can finally take this picture frame off of your wall:

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