Trailer Pre-Parking Anxiety anyone?

Trailer Pre-Parking Anxiety anyone?

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Are you running out if nails to bite when it's coming time to park your trailer? 

This is a place were you can come and ask questions and start conversations to help you get the unit you need. The idea of this blog is to build a community of customers to relate to real life situation you have used the Parkit360 for. I will be as active as I can be here to help answer questions that come up and fuel conversation every second day.


  • Carl WIlliams

    I tried using mine today for the first time. I can’t get it to. Work. I hooked it up and the handle just goes up and down the trailer won’t move in a forward or backward motion as shown in the films. It just bears down on me the user. What is wrong?

  • JD

    Wow, recent purchaser here. The lack of response to questions here is stunning. Contemplating eating the fees and returning. Warranty is useless without customer service…..

  • Frank Couto

    I’m having some trouble with the unit I bought some time ago. Last year I contacted Jim when I was having issues with the forward button and I was told to rest the unit between uses, and it would reset itself. That worked until yesterday when we were putting out trailer in the back yard. The forward stopped working completely, even after giving the unit a long rest. The reverse works just fine. It appears that the forward switch makes contact, but the motor does not engage. We had to put the trailer temporarily in the front yard and hope that we’re not given a citation. Jim mentioned last time about a relay? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thank you.

  • Richard Booth

    Where’s the customer service. Called days ago about a problem with the product and no call back. Emails not returned. Starting to question this decision.

  • Peter Triantos

    The worst customer service of any company I have ever dealt with. 6 months with no call backs after leaving several urgent messages, no return of emails and no one ever answers the tech support line. My unit is a brick in my garage. The collar will not tighten and I even damaged my trailer trying to move it without being tight. The ball just screws down all the way when tightening and it still will not tighten. I had to take the whole trailer to a welding shop to have the trailer side of the hitch repaired. If you haven’t already, DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT.

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