Trailer Pre-Parking Anxiety anyone?

Trailer Pre-Parking Anxiety anyone?

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Are you running out if nails to bite when it's coming time to park your trailer? 

This is a place were you can come and ask questions and start conversations to help you get the unit you need. The idea of this blog is to build a community of customers to relate to real life situation you have used the Parkit360 for. I will be as active as I can be here to help answer questions that come up and fuel conversation every second day.


  • Josh DeWall

    On a follow up to my last post, so if park it management make this right I will actually do the right thing and make sure all my posted reviews of my failed product are brought down or Ill tweak them to say hey I had a so and so issue but park it staff stepped up and made this right and fixed my issues 100% and you can buy with confidence knowing they back their customers! So for now Ill pray they help me out here and do the right thing or they will regret it because people do look at reviews and after reading my story no one is going to want to buy a park it. So they can simply just refund all my money and pay for my shipping or loose out in alot I mean ALOT of sales!

  • Josh DeWall

    I just got a 5k trailer mover and to say Im not happy is an understatement! For starters my boat is only 3500lbs and when moving it up a tiny incline of 2.5% the mover wants to tip over to the side and also I have to hold the handle with all my might so it stays level! Plus it just sits and spins most of the time but I can get it to go only by pushing it with all my strength but then it will jump out of gear! I bought it bc of the 100% guarentee u r happy or get a 100% refund! But they don’t tell you about the ridiculous 20% restocking fee and you have to pay return shipping which will cost me so much its not worth returning so now Im out $1300! I hope they make this right and give me a return shipping label alon with a FULL REFUND! If not I will be posting this on every single review page and all online reviews of this product including letters to the better business bureau, Angies list, yelp and all the others. I will post the video I already made of me using the product to show and prove all the failures. I will make sure its the first video to come up on you tube when searching for this product or one like it! I will be posting these comments on all youtube vidos of this product to warn them not to buy this product unless I am refunded 100% and get a mailing label paid for asap!

  • Jim

    I just purchased one of your trailer dollies used. I was curious, is it possible to add the brake kit to this. Would the $108 kit come with a wiring diagram?

  • Dana B

    I have a 6 month old HD24-DP battery that has started to struggle. What is your battery recommendation for a 3,000lbs TT up a 6ish deg incline? Thx

  • Darin

    I see on your diagram it shows the top of the ball is 22" from the ground. What is the lowest height the ball will go? My ball is 14" to the top. Is there a way to get it lower? I see one offers adjustable ball height. What is shipping weight?
    Thank you

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